***NEWSFLASH*** 16th & 17th February 2019 Tammy Peters 2-day seminar.

Dynamic Training Systems for Dog Obedience – 2 day seminar in Cairns on 16th and 17th February 2019 with Tammy Peters from Precise K9, Brisbane. If you are passionate about obedience and working as a team with your dog, here is your opportunity to learn skills that can take you to the next level in performance. Limited positions available $200 for auditors. Handling positions SOLD out. Topics will cover:

Active one-way Engagement: foundation of dynamic obedience – a dog that pushes us to work.

Teaching your dog to be a “pro-active” participant in their role in the team unit; EMPOWERMENT: how do we promote it?

Power ups & other motivation techniques: inserting brilliance into your obedience picture.

The devil is in the detail: why proper mechanics are important.

The concept of “speed”: how to increase it and incorporate it into your training program.

The power of the team UNIT: you need a village; you can’t succeed without your team.

Email me for information and registration: cairnsdogtraining@gmail