***NEWSFLASH*** 16th & 17th February 2019 Tammy Peters 2-day seminar.

Dynamic Training Systems for Dog Obedience – 2 day seminar in Cairns on 16th and 17th February 2019 with Tammy Peters from Precise K9, Brisbane. If you are passionate about obedience and working as a team with your dog, here is your opportunity to learn skills that can take you to the next level in performance. Limited positions available $200 for auditors. Handling positions SOLD out. Topics will cover:

Active one-way Engagement: foundation of dynamic obedience – a dog that pushes us to work.

Teaching your dog to be a “pro-active” participant in their role in the team unit; EMPOWERMENT: how do we promote it?

Power ups & other motivation techniques: inserting brilliance into your obedience picture.

The devil is in the detail: why proper mechanics are important.

The concept of “speed”: how to increase it and incorporate it into your training program.

The power of the team UNIT: you need a village; you can’t succeed without your team.

Email me for information and registration: cairnsdogtraining@gmail


State Obedience Champion 2017

We achieved our big aim this year – to do well at the State and National Obedience Championships in Brisbane. Many months of hard work culminated in Shelby becoming State champion in UD obedience for 2017. Competing against the best in the country, Shelby scored 196 points in UD and a compliment from the judge.

Showing her incredible work attitude, we competed in 4 different obedience categories, UD, Open, Rally Masters and Rally Excellent. We came away with a first in UD, 2nd place in Open and 3rd place in Masters Rally. I was over the moon, it did not seem real and I knew that everything else after this day would be a bonus

The next day we backed up in all 4 classes again for the National titles. We won 1st place and National Champion in Rally Excellent with a perfect score of 100 points, a close second only beaten on time in Rally Masters. in UD we only failed in one exercise, but against such tough competition, we did not make the placings.

The State and National Titles was a fabulous competition with Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility and Dances with Dogs happening at the same time. What a wonderful opportunity to showcase our sport and our teamwork with our dogs. The most beautiful experience was though, hearing from another competitor, who had friends come and have a look at all the competition. They said they saw a woman with a Belgian Malinois that worked so beautifully, it was worth coming just to see that. Hearing this filled me with pride. Yes, competition trainers train to win and aim for the top spot. That is only one aspect, the most important thing for me is that we both enjoy what we are doing. Together as a team, Shelby and me. To achieve that, is the ultimate reward.

Shelby, you are awesome!

trophy 2016
Annual Awards at the Cairns City Kennel Club awards night for 2015.

Looking back on 2015 this girl has had an impressive list of successes. Our trialing season started in April and we started to seriously compete in Open Obedience. This was only our second season in competition and Shelby posted fantastic results of 199 points, 198, 197 and 2 x 196. We also had some failures, and that is what we learn from the most. We competed in the State and National Titles, where we were sitting in 3rd place out of over 30 dogs in this class. Shelby was a little frazzled by all the goings on and changed her stay position. But I can only blame myself for that. Shelby had 10 events in the one day, and in hindsight it was just too much for both of us.

Early in the year I decided to also take part in Rally Obedience competition. I did compete in Novice the year before and she gained her title straight away, but then decided not to go further. My aim was to concentrate on her Novice Obedience title and I thought competing in Rally Obedience as well would be confusing. So this year we re-commenced our Rally Obedience career. Shelby gained her Rally Advanced title very quickly and then also her Rally Excellent title. Once in Excellent, she never scored less than 90 points. All our deductions were due to me not executing the station correctly. She had 2 perfect scores in Rally Excellent and also gained the State Title in this discipline with 96 points.

These are just her results on paper, what I am always amazed about is her working attitude. She loves what she is doing and it is obvious for anybody watching us. Her focus is incredible, the speed at which she completes individual exercises is pure joy. Obedience can be fun and exuberance – she shows why.

This was also our second season in agility. After gaining her novice titles last year we moved into Excellent class this year. I am still having trouble with the incredible speed Shelby brings to the table and that is the major challenge I face. I will need to learn and step up to do Shelby justice. When everything goes well Shelby is unbeatable, with one run described as ‘the run of the day’ by Jody Brown, the judge from Brisbane.

So I think she deservedly gained the annual awards at the Cairns City Kennel club for Best Open Obedience dog, Best Rally Advanced, Best Rally Excellent and Best Agility Open dog. Plus she achieved the first dog to be recognised for the inaugural Belgianbeau trophies for any Belgian Shepherd dog getting the highest and most scores in Obedience and also in the combined Dog Sports.

All I can say I am so proud of you, Shelby.

State Dog obedience championships

Shelby and I had a great time competing at the recent State and National obedience championships in Brisbane. It was a fantastic experience for both of us and we managed a huge workload of 10 events in one day. All the hard work in training for obedience culminated in a State title in Rally Obedience Excellent. Knowing that we are very competitive in obedience at state level is confirmation that our training techniques are successful. You never know how good you are until you put yourself to the test against the best in the country. State title Shelby