Shelby, the Obedience star

North Queensland has an undisputed obedience star – Shelby aka Belgenbeau Dragon Heart, has had a dream start to the trialling season. Within only 5 weeks she achieved the necessary 6 Open Obedience qualifications over 190 points to be eligible for the ‘ Golden Dumbbell” award. Not only that, she achieved 3 perfect scores of 200 along the way. A first for any Cairns dog and handler team and most likely in North Queensland. These results do not happen by chance. A lot of training has gone into building a dog that is able to compete at that level, with very high accuracy and most of all, heaps of enthuHeeling rallysiasm. Shelby just loves to work! Because for her, work is fun. Using modern training methods with heaps of rewards, allowing the dog to gain confidence in a positive environment is the key to this success. Our relationship is built on trust, consistency and strict criteria. She knows what I expect of her and she wants to succeed, because she loves her rewards.