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I am very excited to announce a planned mating with Shelby (Belgenbeau Dragon Heart) and Nordenstamm Yes scheduled for late 2017. This is a ‘real’ working line Malinois litter, with both dogs being proven performers in a number of dog sports. There are many so-called ‘working Malinois’ breeders, but often the dogs don’t actually ‘work’, meaning they are not being trained or even compete by their owners in dog sports of any kind. That also means their working capabilities and temperament have not been tested in a way that dogs, that are competing and measuring up against the best in the country, are being tested every year.

This planned litter is outstanding in that both dogs, Shelby and Yessie are both working and competing against the best in Australia at the moment. Some of their achievements are listed below.


Sire: Nordenstamm Yes i.i.u. Germany IPO3

Sire: Pitu v.Further Moor IPO3, No 2 at 2012 German Malinois Club Championship

Dam: Lilo v.d. Krähenschmiede imp. Germany, IPO3, 2014 Australian Grand National Champion)


2015 Australian National Champion High in Trial (overall) with 93/95/96 = 284 points “a”.

2015 High in Trial IPO2 with 94, 96, 96 “a” = 286 points.

2015 National Champion IPO1;

2015 National H.O.T. Champion;

2015 National High in Trial Tracking;

2015 National High in Trial Obedience;

2015 National High in Trial Protection;

Winner of 2015 Helper’s Choice award in Protection

“I just love this dog” – Forrest Micke (US

“Super grip, super nerves, a really great dog” – Jogi Zank (Germany)\

Yessie is a very balanced dog with great construction, muscular and athletic. He also has an ‘off-switch’ and a pleasant temperament around people and other dogs. The main reason I chose this dog as a sire for Shelby is that they both have an outstanding temperament, a great willingness to work and physical attributes that make them perfectly suited to dog sports of any kind.


Dam: Triple CH (O) (RO) Belgenbeau Dragon Heart UD, RAE, AD, JDX, JDO, SPDM, GDX, SD

Sire: Zico v.d. Berlex-Hoeve IPO III imp. Belgium

Dam: Belgenbeau Cara Mia


2017 State Obedience Champion in UD, 2nd in Open

2017 National Champion in Rally Obedience Excellent, 2nd Rally Masters

2017 Achieved Obedience Championship, adding to conformation and Rally Obedience championship, making her a triple Champion (I am pretty sure the only Malinois in the country).

2016 ‘Vikings Muzzle Trophy’ for best Open Obedience dog in Queensland

2016 Scored 4 perfect 200 in Open Obedience (CDX)

2016 Gained Rally Obedience Championship and Conformation Championship titles

2015 Queensland State title in Rally Obedience Excellent (96 pts)

2015 Open Obedience CDX results – 199, 198, 197, 196 points

2015 Multiple perfect scores of 100 in both Rally Excellent and Advanced

2015 Double perfect score in RAE

2015 AAD agility title in ADAA

2014 Perfect score in Novice Obedience (200 points)

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