Obedience & Agility

Obedience Training – Basic to Competition Obedience

Good Dog Manners

Most dog owners want their dogs to show basic manners at home, like waiting for food, loose leash walking or not jumping up when greeting you. I can help you train your dog to be a well-mannered companion in one-on-one sessions.

We will discuss your training needs and I can provide an assessment of your dog’s behaviour.

I then work out a training strategy to achieve your aim that will fit in with your lifestyle. I can train the dog for you or alternatively, if you like to take a more active part in training your dog, I can show you how to train your own dog using positive reinforcement training methods.


Level 3 Obedience certificate

If you need some help in gaining all the skills, like the recall off lead, to gain your level 3 obedience certificate for the discount in your dog’s council registration fees. I can give the extra help needed.

Competition Obedience

Whether you are just starting off in dog obedience in CCD or are working towards Rally Obedience and it is all a bit daunting, you want to improve on your dog’s skills for certain exercises or you are currently competing and are looking to improve your own handler skills and, hence, your dog’s performance. We can work together to refine your performance. I can also help you to train new skills required for the next level of competition.

After an initial assessment of where you are at currently and what level of skill and performance you are aiming for, we can discuss a strategy on how to get there.


You want to start off in agility, the fastest growing dog sport in Australia? Not all clubs offer solid foundations training practices that are safe, for both, you and your dog. Neither is training delivered by an experienced agility competitor using the latest training methods. Agility Beginners courses are also not offered regularly.  I can work with you individually and develop good foundations, body awareness skills, motivation and impulse control.  We can start any time at my place.

Maybe you are already competing and need to improve handling skills or work on specific skills like:

  • Weave pole training
  • Contact training
  • Distance work

Agility training will be conducted at my Northern Beaches location as I have the required equipment.


Crate Training

Dog crates are a great management tool. Not only does it provide a safe option for transport and travel, bed time, a time out – it can also be a safe den and a training tool. The dog will learn that he is not to exit the crate until your verbal release. This training can be easily transferred to your entrance door, car door, garden gate etc.

Getting your dog to love his crate is easy and can be learned as a fun filled and rewarding game. Your dog will want to go in his crate, in fact most dogs do, even when they want to sleep. Most often this can be achieved in a game filled one hour session.

You will need to provide your own folding metal crate with an easily opened door.  I suggest a ‘Kramar’ crate from Pet Stock or similar.