Your Trainer

Hi, my name is Andrea Wohlhuter.

I started training dogs as a teenager in 1977 for Schutzhund competition in Germany. My first 2 dogs were very different, one was a cross breed rescue dog, named Nina. She was a Galgo Cross (Spanish sight hound) and my second dog was a Doberman. With both dogs I competed successfully in level 1 and 2 Schutzhund for 8 years. Schutzhund or now IPO, has 3 disciplines, tracking, obedience and protection. In those days, Nina was the only cross breed dog competing in this sport.

I joined the Cairns City Kennel Club in 2002, when I got my first pedigree bullterrier and started conformation showing.

In 2005 I welcomed a young English Bullterrier, Luna, into our home and with her I started training in obedience again. Luna is an outstanding Bullterrier, it is a breed that is not easy to train, and working with her was often very challenging. We still achieved her CCD and CD titles and she has gained a qualification in Open Obedience. Luna also competed in agility and gained all her novice titles. She is the only Bullterrier in Australia to have achieved titles in obedience and agility with both ANKC and ADAA. We started competing in RallyO in 2014 and Luna has gained her RN and RA titles. Now, 10 years old, Luna has retired from agility but as long as she enjoys her performances in obedience we will compete in this discipline.

Having enjoyed dog sports so much, I realised my dream of getting a ‘working dog’. I spent a long time waiting for the right puppy and finally welcomed my first working dog, a Belgian Malinois, into our household in 2013. Shelby is absolutely delightful, she has a wonderful temperament and is a tireless worker. Shelby was trained from the moment I got her, because as we know, dog training happens 24 hours.

I started competition with Shelby in 2014 and we achieved 6 titles in one year: CCD, CD, RN, AD, JD, and SPD. This fantastic effort made Shelby the ‘Obedience dog of the Year’ in 2014 at the Cairns City Kennel Club.

Shelby is also the first dog to ever achieve a perfect score of 200 in CD obedience at the club. We have also gained a perfect score in Rally Obedience Advanced.

After having been recognised by the committee for my dog training experience and formal training qualifications (Cert IV in Training & Assessment), I took over the volunteer position of head instructor at the Cairns City Kennel Club in 2012. There, I regularly take obedience classes, agility beginner’s courses and conduct seminars in Obedience and Rally Obedience seminars in North Queensland. My aim is to encourage new handlers into the exciting world of dog sports.

Shelby and I competed at the 2015 State Obedience Championships and Shelby achieved a first place and state title in Rally Obedience Excellent against some tough competition from all over the state.

In 2016 we went to Brisbane again to measure ourselves against the best in the state and came away with a number of first placings.

Success speaks for itself. I believe, as a dog trainer,  you need to be able to prove your capabilities in daily life and competition. You also need to constantly strive to improve your skills and knowledge, like in any other profession.

For this reason I take every opportunity to attend seminars with well-known Australian and international presenters. I have attended seminars and completed courses with:

Susan Garrett (Canada) – dog training principles, agility handling skills – 5 day seminar 2010

Kay Lawrence (UK) – Connecting with your dog & Clicker Skills – 1 day workshop

Dr. Gabrielle Carter (Australia), Veterinarian and Dog Behaviourist, lectures on Puppy Classes- More than just socialisation and training. Noise phobias and separation Anxiety

Nicholas Bishop (Australia), Zoo animal trainer, Clicker training technique, lecture

Susan Garrett 2014

Dr Kersti Seksel (Australia), Vet and dog behaviourist, Top 10 Myths about dogs, dog behaviour, lecture

Dr. Chris Zink (USA), D.V.M, PhD – Canine Athlete Academy, 1 day workshop in 2011

Elke Effler, USAR – rescue dog workshop in 2011

Greg Derrett (UK), Agiltiy Foundations Skills, 2 day seminar in 2012

Grisha Stewart (USA), Behaviour Adjustment Training, dog behaviour and working with reactive dogs, 2 day seminar in 2012

Forrest Micke & Oscar Mora 2016

Craig Murray (Australia), Basic Canine Behaviour, 2 day seminar in 2013

Sylvia Trkman (Slovenia), online, Agility Foundation course

Susan Garrett (Canada), online, Say Yes to Contact Success, 2013

Susan Garrett (Canada, Handling 360 Foundation seminar, 2 day workshop, 2014

Natalie Kirkwood (Australia), Agility seminar working Handling 360 system, 2 day workshop, 2014

Forrest Micke (USA), online seminars, Heeling Toolbox 2 & Heeling Toolbox 3 in 2015

Forrest Micke (USA), 4 night seminar in Cairns 2015, Engagement, creating motivation, perfecting heeling skills for obedience

Forrest Micke (USA), seminar Goldcoast 2016

Edgar Scherkl (Germany), 2 day seminar Goldcoast 2016

Uta Bindels (Germany) 3 day seminar in Cairns 2017

I enjoy helping other dog owners to set the foundation for a great relationship, discover the joys of positive teamwork and help overcome difficulties.