Holiday Care & Dog Walking

Dog Walking (Northern Beaches)

If you have a busy working life and still want to make sure that your dog is getting the exercise he needs, I can take care of that for you.

Option 1 – I can take your dog for a half hour walk around your neighbourhood or Option 2 – I take him for an hour long walk in the park or the beach. All activities will be supervised and any exercises off lead will only be allowed if the dog shows a reliable recall.

As a bonus, I will also take the opportunity to work on good habits while walking on lead, like not pulling on lead and sitting when I stop to cross a road, coming back to me when called (long lead training).

Your dog will be returned home and I will make sure he has plenty of water.

Giving your dog physical and mental exercise will make him calm and relaxed at home.


Holiday Care

***Holiday care is currently not available***


Note: Safety of you and your dog is paramount. I will personally discuss all access requirements with you.