Behaviour Adjustment

Some dogs may show undesirable behaviours like, fear of noise, fear of people, barking, fear and/or aggression towards other dogs. Shelby luna kisses

Some of these behaviours do require medication depending on the extent of the anxiety. However many of these behaviours can be improved by working on desensitising your dog or even making small changes of how you manage things at home.

The longer these Behaviours have been displayed by the dog, the longer it may take to turn things around. Sometimes it takes only a few adjustments on how you manage situations to show improvements. Sometimes this can be a long drawn out process of working to reduce the reaction your dog shows to certain triggers.

Every dog is different and every home situation certainly is also. So a training and adjustment strategy has to be tailor made to exactly suit you, your dog and your individual circumstances.

Initially, I will carry out an assessment of your dog’s behaviour and then sit down with you and suggest a training and management strategy for you to make improvements.

Depending on the situation this may involve just a few visits or a regular regime.

To achieve results in some of these cases your complete cooperation is vital.