***NEWSFLASH*** 16th & 17th February 2019 Tammy Peters 2-day seminar.

Dynamic Training Systems for Dog Obedience – 2 day seminar in Cairns on 16th and 17th February 2019 with Tammy Peters from Precise K9, Brisbane. If you are passionate about obedience and working as a team with your dog, here is your opportunity to learn skills that can take you to the next level in performance. Limited positions available $200 for auditors. Handling positions SOLD out. Topics will cover:

Active one-way Engagement: foundation of dynamic obedience – a dog that pushes us to work.

Teaching your dog to be a “pro-active” participant in their role in the team unit; EMPOWERMENT: how do we promote it?

Power ups & other motivation techniques: inserting brilliance into your obedience picture.

The devil is in the detail: why proper mechanics are important.

The concept of “speed”: how to increase it and incorporate it into your training program.

The power of the team UNIT: you need a village; you can’t succeed without your team.

Email me for information and registration: cairnsdogtraining@gmail


Meeko, in-kennel training with the handsome Groenendal

Meeko is staying with me to learn the basics in obedience. He is nearly 3 years old and has gotten into some self-rewarding habits. He likes to ignore his name, pull on the lead, thinks birds are more interesting than the handler and if I growl at you, you leave me alone. Being a stud dog, he just came from ‘duty, when he arrived at my kennel, hence he is in a very amorous mood.

Shelby taught him the first important lesson, that ‘No means No’. Really.

Then I have been working with him 2-3 times every day. Meeko learned good manners, like reacting to your name has lots of rewards, not pulling on the lead actually gets me to places, I cannot say ‘Hello’ to everyone I see – still working on the last one because Meeko is very social and loves people.

On the obedience front, we learned what a clicker is. Clicker training is fun, motivating and highly rewarding. Now Meeko loves to hear the sound of the clicker and he will try out lots of moves to see what I want from him. He has also learned to move his rear legs, so we can turn left in place. He has learned a brilliant drop and sit. Most importantly though, he has started to give me some fantastic focus.

Here is a video of how far Meeko has gotten in 4 weeks of training:Meeko 4 weeks progress

You can watch videos of Meeko’s progress on my Facebook page.